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Rules for the healthcare entity


§ 1
Legal basis

MOKOTOOTH Prestige Dental operates on the basis of applicable legal acts, in particular:

  • • the Act of April 15, 2011 on medical activities (Journal of Laws of 2011, No. 112, item 654, as amended) and implementing acts to this Act,,
  • • Act of November 6, 2008 on patient rights and the Patient Ombudsman (Journal of Laws of 2009, No. 52, item 417);


§ 2

These regulations specify:

  • • goals and objectives MOKOTOOTH Prestige Dental,
  • • the process of providing the dental services,
  • • conditions for cooperation with other health care facilities in ensuring correct diagnosis, patient treatment and continuity of proceedings,
  • • patient's rights and obligations,
  • • the amount of the fee for providing medical records.


§ 3
Goals and objectives

  1. 1. The primary goal of the Private Health Care Center MOKOTOOTH Prestige Dental is to provide health services by persons authorized to do so under the law.
  2. 2. The basic task of the MOKOTOOTH Prestige Dental clinic is to provide basic and specialized health services in the field of general dentistry, in particular::
  • • forecasting and organizing preventive and therapeutic activities,
  • • dental check-up
  • • individual dental and medical consultancy,
  • • leczenie zachowawcze i endodontyczne
  • • treatments in the field of dental surgery
  • • treatments in the field of dental prosthetics
  • • treatments in the field of orthodontics
  • • X-Ray diagnostics
  • • treatments in the field of aesthetic dentistry
  • • organizing and conducting health education in the represented specialty,
  • • issuing medical opinions and certificates
  • • cooperation with other health care organizational units, schools, workplaces, organizations and associations.


§ 4
Place of providing services

Services will be provided at the MOKOTOOTH Prestige Dental headquarter.


§ 5
Providing of the dental services

  1. 1. MOKOTOOTH Prestige Dental organizes health services in the field of dental treatment in a way that provides patients with the most convenient form of using these services.
  2. 2. Registration of patients takes place both in person (or by family members or third parties) and by telephone or electronically, specifying the day and time of the health service.
  3. 3. Health services are provided on the day of notification or on a date agreed with the patient.
  4. 4. Pain patients are admitted on the day of reporting during the facility's opening hours.
  5. 5. Before the first appointment, the patient should arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment time and provide an ID document in order to create individual patient documentation.


§ 6
Conditions for cooperation with other health care facilities in ensuring correct diagnosis, patient treatment and continuity of proceedings

  1. 1. MOKOTOOTH Prestige Dental maintains, stores and makes available medical records of people using health services in accordance with the principles set out in the law.
  2. 2. MOKOTOOTH Prestige Dental provides the documentation referred to above to entities and bodies authorized under the law, and in the event of the patient's death - to the person authorized by him to obtain information in the event of his death.
  3. 3. Documentation is made available in a manner that ensures confidentiality and protection of personal data.


§ 7

  1. 1. The activities of the clinic are managed and directed by the Management Board of NYTAS eHealth Services Sp. z o. o., whose local branch is NZOZ MOKOTOOTH Prestige Dental. The Management Board is responsible for the proper functioning of the clinic and in accordance with applicable regulations, and also represents it externally.
  2. 2. The duties and rights of the Management Board of MOKOTOOTH Prestige Dental include, among others:
  • • determining and approving of used medical procedures,
  • • organizing and directing the work of subordinate employees,
  • • ensuring rational use of working time and supervising compliance with discipline of subordinate employees,
  • • podejmowanie decyzji w sprawach zatrudnienia i wynagradzania pracowników


§ 8
Patient rights and obligations

  1. 1. When using medical services at MOKOTOOTH Prestige Dental, the patient has the right to:
    • respect for dignity and polite treatment by medical staff,
    • provision of health services by appropriately qualified personnel, in accordance with the requirements of medical knowledge,
    • reliable information about his oral health,
    • expressing consent to the provision of specific health services or refusing them, after obtaining information about the proposed diagnostic methods,
  2. 2. It is the patient's responsibility:
    • arriving on time for scheduled visits, and if you are unable to attend, inform the Department by phone or e-mail, no later than 24 hours before the scheduled visit,
    • compliance with these regulations MOKOTOOTH Prestige Dental,
    • smoking and drinking alcohol are prohibited at MOKOTOOTH Prestige Dental,
    • compliance with personal hygiene rules,
    • compliance with safety and fire protection rules,
    • following your doctor's recommendations,
  3. 3. A patient whose rights have been violated while using medical services at MOKOTOOTH Prestige Dental has the right to submit an oral or written complaint to the Manager of MOKOTOOTH Prestige Dental.
  4. 4. The manager of MOKOTOOTH Prestige Dental ensures the availability of information about patient rights.


§ 9
Fee for providing medical records

  1. 1. Medical documentation is available:
    • for inspection at the Clinic
    • by making photocopies, copies and extracts
    • by issuing the original against receipt and subject to return after use at the request of authorized authorities.
  2. 2. The amount of the fee for copies of documentation is specified in Art. 18 section 4e. Act of 30 August 1991 on health care facilities (Journal of Laws of 2007, No. 14, item 89, as amended).
  3. 3. The basis for calculating the amount of the payment is the average monthly salary in the economy published by the President of the Central Statistical Office.
    1 page of the statement or copy 1 page of copy Extract, transcript or copy on an electronic medium
    0,002 average monthly salary* 0,0002 average monthly salary* 0,0002 average monthly salary*
    6,83zł 0,68zł 6,83zł

    * average salary in the previous quarter, starting from the first day of the following month after the announcement by the President of the Central Statistical Office in the Official Journal of the Republic of Poland "Monitor Polski"
  4. 4. In accordance with the above, the applicable fee rates are determined:
    a) one page of an extract or copy of medical documentation - 2 zł,
    b) one page of copies of medical documentation - 1 zł,
    c) preparing an extract, copy or copy of medical documentation on an electronic data carrier - 1 zł.
  5. 5. Tłumaczenie The fee referred to in section 4, is not collected in the case of providing medical records in connection with proceedings before the provincial commission for adjudicating on medical events.
  6. 6. The indicated fee does not include the costs of data carriers, possible shipment costs, or other costs related to the method of issuing photocopies, copies and extracts requested by the authorized person.

§ 10
Final regulations

The Organizational Regulations enter into force on the day of posting.