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Endodontic treatment


Endodontics is commonly referred to as root canal treatment and includes treatment of pulpitis and periapical tissues.

Treatment requires extreme precision, because the dental canals can have a very complex structure, often difficult to see with the naked eye. In order to plan the treatment, a three-dimensional X-ray image (CBCT) is very helpful, which can be done on site at any time.

Mokotooth Prestige Dental clinic is also equipped with a Zeiss microscope integrated in the patient chair, making the development of even the most complicated channels much easier. During treatment, it is sometimes necessary to take a small X-ray picture. To provide our patients with the highest treatment comfort, there is a camera for just such pictures next to each chair.

Modern endodontics can be fast, efficient and very accurate. In our clinic, every office is equipped with a system of machine-developed channels and a warm gutta-percha to fill them.

We offer treatment by excellent doctors specializing in the treatment of diseases from various fields of dentistry.

High-quality materials and tools, and above all advanced diagnostic and medical equipment (including CBCT, radiovisiography, piezosurgery, computer anesthesia and biolaser and laser medical teeth whitening) allow to obtain excellent treatment results