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Orthodontic treatment aims to improve the occlusion conditions, so as to restore proper oral functions and often the aesthetics of a smile. Contemporary orthodontics deals with the prevention of morphological and functional disorders of the masticatory system as well as the treatment of existing disorders.

Orthodontic treatment includes the use of both simple exercises performed by the patient (in the initial phase) and advanced orthodontic appliances. There are many treatment options available, the key is to choose the one that gives you the fastest and lasting results.

Very important are detailed diagnostics (X-ray, cephalometry, photographic images) as well as preparation of patient's dentition models. Thanks to the appropriate X-ray diagnostics, which can be performed immediately in our clinic and therapy, carefully planned by our specialists, the obtained results are fully satisfying.

It is worth noting that orthodontic treatment not only serves to straighten but also to the health of teeth, periodontium and temporomandibular joints. It helps to eliminate speech defects.

First and foremost, it affects the well-being of patients.