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Dental implants

Dental implants Warsaw

Missing teeth it's not only an aesthetic defect. They disrupt the proper functioning of the masticatory system, also impair the functions of other systems of our body, including the digestive system. It is known that nothing can replace your own teeth, however, dental implantology allows you to supplement missing teeth giving the patient feelings similar to natural.

A dental implant is nothing more than a screw, screwed into the bone of the jaw or mandible, on which the restoration is fixed.

In each case, an experienced physician determines the correct size of the implant and the method of implantation to minimize the likelihood of rejection of the implant or subsequent loss of bone and the occurrence of tissue diseases around the implant.

We approach each case individually, and the type and size of the implant is always selected based on the clinical situation. Not only bony conditions are taken into account, but the entire bite so that later prosthetic work based on implants is fully functional, aesthetic and served for years.