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Teeth whitening


Beautiful teeth have been a symbol of health and success for centuries. Even the ancients attached great importance to the aesthetics of a smile. 4000 years ago, the Egyptians lightened their teeth by chewing sticks dipped in a mixture of vinegar and ground pumice stone. The ancient Romans used a more nasty remedy - human urine, using ammonia found in urine as an enamel cleaner.

Also today, we strive to get the smallest, "Hollywood" smile. We believe that it is important in social relations. As many as 96% of respondents are convinced that a beautiful smile makes us more attractive to the other sex and 74% believe that it helps in achieving professional success. A wide smile and white teeth are ideal. At the same time, from an economic point of view, teeth whitening is the easiest way to improve your smile. Americans spend as much as USD 1.5 billion a year on these procedures, and their number has increased by over 300% in the last 5 years.

There are many whitening methods available on the market: from tooth strips, overlays used at home, to cabinet methods and laser teeth whitening. These methods:

• use the oxidation mechanism (so-called peroxide-based chemical methods),
• use organic materials that cause light reflection,
• eliminate or reduce discoloration and also whiten teeth.

Available preparates for use at home will never be as effective as those offered in dental surgeries. It is worth remembering that whitening may have side effects such as tooth sensitivity or irritation of the soft tissues of the mouth..

Among the methods intended for professional use in dental offices, there is a laser whitening treatment using the BIOLASE Epic X device, offered by our Mokotooth Prestige Dental clinic.

Studies have shown that it allows you to lighten the color of your teeth by up to 6 to 12 shades, with the procedure taking only 20 minutes!

The procedure consists in covering the enamel surface with a special gel, which is then exposed to the light emitted by the laser (not to be confused with an ordinary ultraviolet lamp). This allows the activation of the oxidizing substance - hydrogen peroxide.

The whitening itself is a chemical process (as in other methods) in which the dark color of the teeth is removed by oxidizing the molecules responsible for the discoloration. The difference is in using the right whitening agent and activating it with laser light of a wavelength that allows the simultaneous alleviation of side effects. A specially selected laser head also allows you to whiten individual teeth, e.g. dead teeth, which is difficult to achieve with other whitening methods.

The results obtained depend on the patient's conditions, his natural tooth color, individual susceptibility to whitening, tooth cleanliness, as well as the percentage of the used whitening gel preparation (activated by laser light) and the duration of the procedure.
The effects of whitening are also influenced by the patient's habits, smoking, consuming coloring foods and drinks, chewing snuff, and lack of hygiene. To ensure the best results of the treatment, you should prepare for it properly. Before each whitening treatment, the doctor who performs the procedure must conduct a complete diagnosis of the oral cavity in terms of the tightness of the fillings and the absence of tooth cavities.

Remember that you can only whiten healthy teeth! The periodontal tissues should be equally healthy.

Laser whitening consists in applying a special gel with an active substance to the teeth and activating it with laser light. The doctor performs the procedure in phases so that he can assess the whitening effects and not lead to the effect of artificial teeth. The light emitted by the laser is soothing at the same time and prevents post-treatment tooth sensitivity, typical of other methods. A study by the American Dental Association (ADA) has shown that whitening with the Epic X laser provides the highest degree of tooth whitening among all available in-office whitening methods.

The laser teeth whitening treatment is offered by the Mokotooth Prestige Dental clinic. It is one of the most modern dental clinics in the capital. All surgeries are fully equipped with the latest RVG equipment and ZEISS microscopes. Additionally, the clinic has an X-ray laboratory equipped with a pantomogram, conical beam computed tomography and cephalometry. The clinic's staff are passionate about their profession, excellent specialists in their fields. The clinic offers a full range of dental services, including dental surgery, periodontics, cosmetic dentistry, as well as endodontics and orthodontics.